Friday, November 25, 2016

America is ANGRY - Here's Why

Watch any news program. Eavesdrop on any FaceBook political discussion. Watch regular people in public: Americans are angry, even furious. Walking time bombs. And it is no wonder. We, the American people, have been suffering under the relentless pounding of a withering barrage of insults and allegations from the MainStream Media of "wedge issues" created and promulgated by the Authoritarian, Feminist, and Collectivist Democrat party. These "issues" are not "real". They do not affect your day to day life. We cannot even remember the source of the things many of us seem to believe. ALL of these wedge issues are creations of the political strategists of the Democrat party.

The Democrats have been planting the seeds for Hillary Clinton's (now failed) presidential campaign since she was still First Lady back in the 1990's. They threw ethics, and morality, and human decency under the bus in their effort to instill anger and rage. Only they called it "raising awareness".

The Democrats have convinced a significant minority of Americans that women are actually paid less then men for the same work. Male school teachers, police officers, judges, stockbrokers, investment bankers, bakers, welders, fishermen, lumber-jacks, farmers, miners, waiters et al earn more money per unit of production/hour of work than their female counterparts. THAT is the allegation! And somehow a stunning percentage of Americans believe that. When asked to go line by line through the list of occupations at the U.S. Federal Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics and point out exactly in which occupations this is occurring those making this silly assertion move on to some other wedge issue that offends them. Damn you and your statistics! Everyone knows this is true! It is settled science (politics?)!!

The Democrats went on to convince the African American community that ALL African Americans were the victims of "White Privilege". Not "Establishment" privilege, mind you. And that this was true despite the personal history of the conduct and efforts of the individuals under discussion. You see, there were no individuals, only "African Americans". No one succeeded or failed because of their personal behavior, conduct, diction, effort, education, or motivation. They succeeded or failed because they were "Black" or "White" (or because they were Male or Female, but that has ben addressed above). The problem was that ALL "white men" - even coal miners, poultry plant workers, irrigation ditch diggers, and men banging nails with hammers up on roofs - were privileged characters. And ALL African Americans were members of an oppressed people - even President Barak Obama's children. Well, as a young man I dug irrigation ditches in the Florida sun and banged nails up on those roofs, among other unpleasant jobs, I can tell you with absolute certainty that I was not privileged. In fact, I was the only guy around willing to do it. (I needed the money.) African Americans were beyond reproach and not subject to individual examination.  African Americans are a singular group with universal traits (damn you!), not individuals, and only a racist would see them as individuals or question the Democrats and their narrative.

But that wedge issue was not the Authoritarian, Feminist, Collectivist Democrats' biggest manufactured lie/"wedge issue". The National College Campus Rape Crisis MYTH takes the cake for national disgrace by a political party.

The crime rate in the United States has been in a steep decline since the 70's and the per capita rate of sexual assault has been in free fall. But never mind the U.S. Department of Justice statistics! The professors of America's Women's Studies programs have the Truth (and more and better facts than the DOJ). After all, they have been watching Heterosexual pornography movies and tallying up the various sex acts taking place and have determined that men are evil and women are victims and we need to engage in systemic governmental censorship to protect women (you just can't make this stuff up).

But this time the Feminists did something really, really dangerous. The rules of logic state that the burden of proof lies with the party making the assertion. So, knowing that people would demand empirical evidence, the University Feminists arranged for "studies" - funded by the federal government no less - that set out - in advance - to prove a preconceived outcome of their biased agenda. Not to discover any Truth (or facts). When the women they interviewed declined to view their experience as that of a victim the interviewers then decided that the individuals were not competent enough to determine whether or not they had been assaulted. So the interviewers would make that determination for the women, unilaterally, based on some really bizarre criteria.

Every woman in America and every person self-identifying as "African American" has been the target of the largest, most advanced, and most improbable propaganda effort since Germany's experience in the 1930's.  Joseph Goebbels simply pales as a rank amateur when compared with the Feminists at the American University "Women's Studies" programs and their legions of "Agenda Editors". Sadly, every American woman and African American has been an unqualified victim of these Feminists. We can see it in the despair of Women in general, with 1/3 requiring anti-depressants at some point and another 11% (give or take) requiring anti-psychotics just to cope, to say nothing of the hopelessness and poor outcomes that plagues the African American community (and I HATE to lump people together like that as they are individuals and not a community, but I am speaking in "Liberalish" here).  The rage and hopelessness that these individuals have been infected with came to them courtesy of the Feminists running the Women's Studies programs and the various Radical Feminist organizations (read: groups of women that do not socialize with men). The MainStream Media was the sole disease vector.

After 20 years of this, few young and middle aged adults even remember what life was like before the epidemic of misery that we have all been subjected to. Many actually believe these infections to be some form of objective Truth despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary and the loss of the U.S. House of Representative, the U.S. Senate (and after a class 3 election cycle, no less), the White House, 31 Governorships, and 33 state legislatures!

But I do. I actually remember when American men and women liked each other. The current state of affairs is a national disgrace, and are the unintended consequences of the efforts of the Authoritarian, Feminist, Collectivist Democrats that has nearly brought our society to its knees and our government to the brink of war. The Democrats own that. I have no idea what the new administration will or will not do, but I am very, very confident that we have dodged a bullet - for now.

This is not the time to let up. We, the American People still in control of our faculties, must not allow the infected lunatics another opportunity at running the asylum. We do need viable opposition parties and a fair and independent press - but we don't have them now and we must not pretend that we do. Eight years from now the electorate will look very, very different. We desperately need that time to let the incorrigible fade away or die out. The young will mature, but the infected elders are beyond the reach of reason. The American people need the Democrat party to once again be a viable opposition party comprised of responsible adults that are not in the business of creating (wedge) issues. The reborn Democrat party will be comprised of responsible adults that are in the business of solving issues.

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