Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Democrats are not Inclusive when it comes to Marriage and Family

The Democrats being interviewed across the Web cannot get through a sentence without hurling accusations of Racism and Sexism at anyone and everyone outside of their camp. So, I undertook a study of the White Male Members of the 114th Congress (Congress and Senate) and the Cabinet members of the Clinton, Bush, and Obama administrations.

I was unable to find a single example of a White Male Democrat that was married to a Black Female. I am not willing to say that I am absolutely certain about every single political spouse's racial background, but I spent a enough time looking at smiling family pictures that I feel reasonably confident that my conclusion is correct. If there is an example I have missed, please comment below and I will make the necessary correction.

I did find a White Male/Black female interracial marriage in an elected and appointed official. William Cohen, a Republican Senator from Maine and the Secretary of Defense in the Clinton Administration is married to an African-American. I found no other examples of Republican White Males married to Black Females. Once again, I cannot state 100% confidence in the data. Perhaps 99.5%. If there is an example I have missed, please comment below and I will make the necessary correction.

People tend to marry people in their social orbit that they consider their equals in attractiveness and socio/economic status with men tilting towards the former and women toward the latter. Clearly, the White Men at the top of the Democrat party either do not have Black Women in their social orbit, and/or they do not consider them attractive or of sufficient socio/economic status, but since men are less interested in socio/economic status... In short, by their OWN definition the upper strata White Men of the Democrat party appear to be racists and definitely are zeros by the "Inclusivity" measure.

People talk a great deal about race and racism but I think the best measure of their true sense of this is who they date and marry, and who they have children with. There is certainly a lot going on here. Maybe people are hard wired to prefer people that look like they do - though the rate of White Male/Asian Female marriage/dating is so high that that assertion just does not hold up to scrutiny.

Of course, marriage itself is the perusal of the upper strata of our society. Poor people in general and African Americans in particular marry at much lower rates than the affluent and European Americans do.

One politically correct Liberal on my FB list asserted that African American women simply don't want to marry European American men, and cited as evidence that only 5% of that demographic marries someone of a different race. That assertion does not make sense to me. In fact, that assertion seems to say that European Men are interested in marrying African American Women but those African American Women are rebuffing the European American Men that have been pursuing them. Wouldn't those in the lower socio/economic strata want to "marry up"? Especially women? Especially to Liberal Democrat Men? After all, those men, according to our media, are far more educated, cultured, and enlightened than the Troglodytes that voted for Trump. Why would African American Women refuse to marry into that?

Of course, that is just plain silly. It is just too painful for people in the Democrat camp to examine this honestly. Racism will only end when America stops this separate but equal nonsense of multiculturalism. A common people with a common sense of values and a common set of expectations from our countrymen will be more accepting of each other - and more likely to marry each other. Do we expect men to marry the mothers of their children and that these couples will work together to raise their families with an eye to the future? Or is marriage a commitment for women only until the first moment they are unsatisfied, at which point they may extort and enslave men while generously allowing the father to see his own children every other weekend? Or are we to end marriage and the family, Iceland style, with lots of baby-daddies with the State as father/provider? No need to compromise! The State will be happy to use violence on fathers at the behest of mothers.

The sad current state of affairs is a creation of the very people that refuse to socialize and marry outside of their race and religion, but need the votes of those they refuse to associate with in order to remain relevant.

That is madness.

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