Monday, December 5, 2016

The Election Post Mortem

While the AFC party attempts to retry the presidential election the facts on the ground are that the House of Reps is the most responsive to the immediate will of the people and has the largest Repub representation in nearly 100 years. The Repubs control the Senate after a class 3 election. The Repubs "now controls 68 out of 98 partisan state legislative chambers -- the highest number in the history of the party. Republicans currently hold the governorship and both houses of the legislature in 23 states (24 if Sean Parnell wins re-election in Alaska), while Democrats have that level of control in only seven."
The "Wedge Issues" and "Triangulation Strategy" that James Carville and Dick Morris "perfected" in which they enraged certain segments of our society through propaganda and falsehood have backfired in ways that people who adhered to these have, so far, found impossible to comprehend. In fact they have clung to their anger and rage like the proverbial "guns and religion" of their inferiors.
The Tidal Wave washing through the University system - the last seat of power for the AFC Democrat party - cannot and will not be turned back. At the moment, and only for a moment longer, straight men who refuse to toe the line of forced political correctness are still not welcome on university campuses. This Milo Yiannopoulos fellow has found their soft underbelly and is joyfully skewering the beast.The effete weenies/feminine men and masculine women (not you Milo! You are my hero) running the show within the Social Studies Professoriate have some insulation due to tenure, but their days are short and numbered.
The MainStream Media, merely the better looking versions of the Social Studies professoriate, has been neutered by the Web. As it turns out, the American people are much smarter and far better chess players than the Media's elite. How much longer The People are going to be willing to pay thousands of dollars per year for cable's propaganda is difficult to say, as I don't watch TV or pay for cable. I would speculate that this bundling thing they have going on is a way to keep people that watch sports also watching cable news propaganda between sporting events, but those sports fans really surprised a number of people, now didn't they? I think that surprise came courtesy of the Web, FB, Youtube, Twitter, and the Blogsphere.
So now we are told that this election was won by racist, sexist, homophobes, especially "poorly educated white males", who are not sufficiently enlightened to be able to determine what their own ears are hearing and the own eyes are seeing when it comes to their enlightened self-interest. Somehow black males are never described as poorly educated, sexist, homophobic, or racist. Go figure. I pointed out to a friend of mine, a Harvard Alum, that those who have read Chaucer are not necessarily more "educated" than the people that read Chilton. Of course none of the elite have read Chilton. Mike Rowe quipped, and I am paraphrasing here, that the next time some talking head with absolutely no discernible skills calls those white males "uneducated" that these white males should tell them to fix their own car/roof/HVAC.
And what do these talking heads draw on to reach their conclusions? The polls. The same polls that said that Hillary beat Trump by 14% among women. The same polls that had Hillary up by double digits weeks before the election. The same polls that convinced the Democrats that they were "safe" in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. And these talking heads actually believe this stuff. Well, they do say these things with a straight face... The Clinton campaign blamed their loss on "White Supremacists". After all, anyone that dares to disagree with them on any policy issue or has the temerity to challenge their propaganda is the lowest form of scum known to man. "Die, you racist PIGS!!!"
I think that the election was settled by men finally standing up for themselves and by American women who don't hate the men in their life. What would motivate a woman deep into middle age with an only son or sons to vote for Hillary Clinton? Think about that for a moment. A woman who in a few short years will be pushing up daisies wants to leave the world a better place for her "sisters" and a worse place for her sons? WHY? How filled and consumed by hate does one have to be to vote for an ideology that wishes to harm your only progeny? Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said - and I am paraphrasing again - that she was relieved that her daughter and grand daughter would have the ability to kill [Ginsburg's] granddaughters and great-grandaughters in utero if those children were inconvenient to her daughter and granddaughters.
And I am uneducated?
Sometimes I think I am the only normal person left. (AFC = Authoritarian, Feminist, Collectivist)

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  1. You make grave errors in assuming that promoting women is some sort of zero sum game which automatically means the denigration of men. And you also make the same sort of egregious generalizations about the left that you accuse the left of doing towards the right.