Sunday, October 30, 2016

FBI Had Abedin/Clinton Email all along in their New York Office?

It is now being reported, but not confirmed by the FBI or any other government official that the Abedin/Weiner laptop with "10's of thousands" of Clinton/State Department emails has been in the possession of the New York office of the FBI for several months.

And no one in the New York FBI office noticed them? On the laptop of the husband of the top aid to the presidential candidate immersed in an email scandal?

I am running out of ways to express my exasperation and indignation.

Sec. Clinton is now DEMANDING that the FBI release all of the information/emails?

ah... eh... sorry. That got away from me.

Dear Mrs. Clinton. Your disingenuous plea to have evidence in a criminal investigation released is completely unnecessary. Mrs. Clinton, nothing is preventing you and Mrs. Weiner from holding a press conference and telling the American people exactly WHAT we will find on that computer!!! Those are YOUR (or Mrs. Weiner's) emails! Why are you asking the FBI? Because you want to look transparent. If you want to actually BE transparent all you need do is call that press conference. Then we can compare what you said to what the FBI finds.

Let's have it.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Dear American Women

Dear American Women:

“Respect”. What does the word mean? And how has it become the rallying cry of the Feminist (Democrat) Party? Are men deserving of “Respect”? If not, why not? Why is the “polyamorousness” (how is THAT for PC?) of Gay Men acceptable – but the polyamourous Straight Man is something to be abhorred? 

Why do Feminists openly mock women that reject Feminism? Why don’t Feminists “respect” such women?

Does "Might Make Right" in any form? When is the use of force or coercion justified?

Why are women entitled to kill an unborn child without input from the father? Was no contract created between the two during intercourse? Why are men “dead beat dads” when they do not wish to be a father, but a woman that does not wish to be a mother is a “strong and independent” woman? Why is it a double homicide to kill a pregnant woman?

Why do men represent 94% of workplace fatalities? And 95% of serious work place injuries? Why don’t women care? Don’t Women want Men to care about their (manufactured) workplace issue? Why do judges and juries sentence men to much longer prison sentences for the same crime, and why do prosecutors overcharge men, under charge women, and seek more plea bargains with women for the same crimes?

Why do women represent 70% of all divorce filings? Shouldn’t it be 50%?

Why do women live 6 years longer than men?

Why are Lesbian women interested in the sex lives of Straight Women? Why are Lesbian Women interested in the abortion issue? Is unwanted pregnancy a big problem for that demographic? Why are Lesbian Women more interested in the "freedom" of Straight Women than the "freedom" of Men? Aren't they interested in "equality'?

Why does the National Organization for Women oppose “shared (equal) parenting” ? Why is it OK to mutilate the genitalia of baby boys but not girls? Did anybody ask THE BOY CHILD? If Women are the primary victims of war (Sec. Clinton’s assertion), why is it that over 90% of U.S. war dead are male?

Why is ANY physical coercion or punishment against children by their mothers legal if it is not legal between the child’s parents? Why do studies show (Deborah Capaldi, Ph.D, researcher) that physical violence in a domestic relationship is initiated by the woman more than twice as often as by the man, and yet men represent nearly 90% of domestic violence arrests?

Why is it that the vast majority of people claiming to be “Feminists” have not read any Feminist theory and essentially none of Feminism's many founding/major works?

Doesn’t the achievement and maintenance of an erection sufficient for the survival of mankind absolutely DEMAND OBJECTIFYING the woman stimulating the arousal response? How could a woman possibly know, one way or the other? Why can’t we talk about the role of the male erection, its necessity to humankind, and its place in fertility?

Why is it #HeForShe and not #WeForAll?

Why do Feminists infantilize women with safe spaces – complete with pay doh!? Are women not capable adults?

Why would people accept a madwoman as president that jokes about the murder of the Libyan president and about the droning murder of an investigative reporter over a vulgarian that loses his ability for inner dialogue when sexually aroused?

Why would people that use the most X-Rated language in bed with their partner become offended when far tamer language is used in a private conversation?

I will have some more questions shortly, and I will certainly have a number of questions for those courageous enough to answer any of the above… which leads me to my last question:

Why aren’t men allowed to question any of this?

Yours in Freedom

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Dear American Men

Dear American Men:

The United States of America, and much of Western Civilization, has been suffering through what future historians will no doubt proclaim as “The Great Gender War”. The damage inflicted upon men – onerous divorce courts, unconscionable child custody and support laws, military deaths, prisons bursting with men for non-violent crimes, and this rape culture nonsense – has become a national disgrace. And we (Men) have done nothing about it.

For the past 10 years the American public has been subjected to a propaganda effort – much of it emanating out of the “Women’s Studies Programs” of our Universities – that would have made Joseph Goebbels proud. There is no sexual assault crisis and there is no gender pay gap. The “Women’s Studies Programs” made these assertions out of the thin air that exists between their ears and proceeded to agitate for funding from political sources for “studies” designed, in advance, to “prove” their absurdities – and many of us fell for it.

These "Women's Studies Programs" deploy hundreds of "agenda editors" to comb through Wikipedia and the Blogsphere, issuing edits where they can and "denial of services" attacks on those that oppose them. These are sick, sick people.

We are currently at risk of the most frightening power grab since mid-20th century Germany. Feminists and Leftists – Collectivists ALL - in the American Media have abdicated the responsibility that they have to the American people in favor of a mass propaganda and controlled information distribution effort. In the 1970’s investigative Journalists brought the light of day to the Nixon Administration’s roll in the Watergate affair and won the Pulitzer Prize for their efforts. Today’s media investigates and reports essentially nothing – they are nothing but “news” aggregators – of the wrong doing of the political Left and then sits back quietly while their political masters attempt to silence the only investigative journalist left on the planet. And not just silence him. The Feminist Queen wants to KILL him by drone strike.

The Internet news aggregators have silenced the “dead-tree newspaper” news outlets and their independent minds and thinkers. The Universities have silenced dissent, indoctrinating a new generation of serfs. Big Sister looms.

The vast majority of American men know all of this. What you may or may not know is that the Feminist Left’s lackeys in the media are doing everything that they can to suppress male voter enthusiasm and turnout. There is a concerted effort – “a vast Left Wing conspiracy” if you will – to convince you that Hillary Clinton has won and that Donald Trump has lost. If they convince you, this will be a foregone conclusion.

This is a gender war, and it will destroy what is left of our Freedom if we let it. It has NOTHING to do with “race” (whatever the heck “race” is. By the way, this has been written by a “White Man” that is married to, and has children with, a very “Not White Woman”). America’s Black Men have been sacrificed by the Feminists to fill America’s prisons for non-violent drug crimes. If just 15% of “Black Men” (whatever the heck “black” is) vote for Trump he will win the White House. If Trump wins only 69% of the “white male” vote (whatever the heck “white” is) he will lose the White House. If he wins 74% of the “white male” vote he will win the White House, with or without our “black” brothers. It is as simple as that. We MUST NOT allow the Feminist Left’s Media to suppress our vote. The Feminist Left will vote for their Feminist Queen even if she were to microwave a baby and have the video uploaded to Youtube, so don’t count on evidence of her crimes and incriminating emails of her corruption to change their minds. These people are not accessible to reason.

American Men, consider this and get out and vote. And ask the women that actually love their fathers, brothers, sons, and husbands to vote. If we get out and vote we will defeat the hate and evil that the Feminist Left – Socialists ALL – represents.

Yours in Freedom,

Libertarian Animal