Sunday, November 29, 2015

Humankind is good

Humankind is good. It is the propaganda machine that insists otherwise.

"What we think, we become" (often attributed to Buddha but the evidence is scant. I don't know who to credit).

We, The People of this world are good. Within every one of us is an unlimited capacity for good, and yet some people do some really and truly evil things to their fellow man. Another mass shooting in Colorado. But this time it is different. This time the shooting is seen as a political attack on the policies of the Federal Government (I reject the idea that the Federal Government is our enemy. Our Federal Government might be the enemy of the The People of the world, but not the citizens of the U.S. No, our local municipal governments and their controllers, the Public Employee Unions, are the enemies of the American people, me thinks, and the Federal Courts acquiesced to create that monster, but more on that later...) and now the propaganda machine is up in high gear - the Attorney General of the United States, without benefit of an investigation or any knowledge of the perpetrator, has declared this to be "a crime against women".

In the final analysis, that might even prove correct, though I doubt it. The larger point is that our policymakers, our politicians, our political activists, our media, all of the special interest groups operating in the U.S. and many of those operating outside, and ESPECIALLY our disgraceful and repugnant professoriate, are in the business of raising anger.

The great lie that they come to us with is that they are "raising awareness". Really? To what purpose? I am sure that some, or even many, of these dysfunctional people actually believe their own nonsense, but any rational examination of the outcome of their propaganda leads us back to this:

These entities/special interest groups/individuals are in the business of raising anger for the purpose of advancing their agenda—whatever that might be. The agenda will often have some catchy slogan: "Keep Hope Alive" (racism), "Keep Abortion Safe and Legal" (feminism), "Militant Islam" (Authoritarian Left working, hand in glove, with the Military Industrial Complex) but the underlying agenda and the raison d'être of their propaganda is to raise anger.

And the consequences of that are all around us. These special interest groups have taken mankind, possessed for the most part of goodness, and have turned mankind's thoughts to anger—and "what we think, we become."

The propagandists were out in force in the presentation of the latest shooting in Colorado and/or Paris, but look past the lead narrative. What is it you see?

What would make a beautiful young human being willing, even proud, to work in the American equivalent of a Nazi concentration camp oven—an abortion clinic? How did this vibrant and life filled human being come to the conclusion that cutting human beings out of their mother's belly is their life's calling and a goodness? What was the influence that would lead her to take such an extreme and permanent philosophical position?

What would make a beautiful young human being walk into a concert venue in Paris, or a school in Somalia, and slaughter other beautiful young human beings in the prime of life? What was the influence that would lead him to take such an extreme and permanent philosophical position?

Anger. Anger raised by propagandists. Manufactured anger and rage instilled during their formative years and then maintained throughout the rest of their life by the propaganda machines spinning and churning all around us.

At a time when this abortion clinic worker should be bearing her own children and claiming her own stake in the future of humanity something or someone has convinced this impressionable young and evolving person to adhere to a group that believes they are expressing the divine nature within all of us by murdering babies.

At a time when this jihadist should be fathering his own children and claiming his stake in the future, he has decided that the slaughter of other people's offspring is the best and highest use of his humanity.

The Jihadist and the abortion clinic worker suffer from the same affliction. The same affliction that infected the German people who joined the NAZI party and the Russian people who joined the Bolsheviks and every other Authoritarian led “anger management” program in history.

We are what we think. And the battle for our thoughts and our minds is ours to win or to lose. Identify with any of this propaganda and you have lost that battle. Your mind is not your own—for now. Taking your mind back and becoming the human being you were meant to be is as simple as it is easy, at least after the initial withdrawal from the insanity of the propaganda machine. This insanity is like any other addiction. You can do it. And you must do it before it is you—or someone who became infected, even in small part, from our refusal to reclaim our own original thoughts—that is expressing your anger with violence, or all is lost and we will all become the evil thing that our propagandists think. And those propagandists, like all of us, are what they think. We must not let them think for us.

Mankind is at a cusp here. The totality of human knowledge is available at our fingertips, but that knowledge needs people that are interested in examining the truthful and factual nature of our existence. We must reject the spoon-fed narrative. When you woke up this morning and turned on your computer to check the news the creators of that narrative were waiting for you with spoonfuls of propaganda.

Angry yet?