Sunday, November 27, 2016

In America, Men DIE 7 Years Earlier Than Women

In the industrialized world, Men DIE between 5 years and 10 years earlier than women. In America, Men DIE 7 years earlier than women.

I would like to repeat that because I think that a life and death statistic is vaguely important:

In America, Men DIE 7 years earlier than women!

I am not talking about money here. Or respect. Or sensitivity. Or whatever the heck it is that has compelled someone to internalize the belief that society is dominated by men at the expense of women.

I am talking about Life. And DEATH.

How many countless articles and news programs produced by the AFC party (Authoritarian, Feminist, Collectivist Democrat party) have we endured about a gender "wage gap"??!! Hundreds of Thousands! And no one is interested in the gender "life gap"? How can that even possibly be true? Isn't Life more important than money?

Not to the AFC.

94% of the people that die from injuries/misadventure "on the job" are MEN. Have you seen a single article about how we can increase the rate of women dying on the job relative to men?

THIS is the AFC. THIS is who they are. Fairness, facts, accuracy, balance, reality are all dismissed the moment that those things do not support their narrative. The AFC's begin with a conclusion or conclusions, and then search for the facts that will fit the narrative of their conclusions and dismiss any and all facts that contradict their conclusions.

Is there any other way to see this in light of the fact that Men DIE 7 years earlier than Women and no one seems to be concerned about that? Seems to me that that would be a statistic that we as a society might work on.

We might even find out that it is completely natural for men to die earlier and to earn more money in any particular year.

But here is the real kicker here:

We might also find out that lifetime "earnings", including inheritances, divorce settlements, alimony, child support, of women exceed that of men. Somehow I doubt that is a study that the AFC is interested in funding (with other people's money).

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