Sunday, October 30, 2016

Anthony Weiner Turning States Evidence is the Best Fit

Anybody else out there wanna play "Who done it?"

Here is what we know:
The Director of the FBI shuts down the investigation into Clinton emails in July. There were a number of people in and out of Government, and especially at the FBI, that are speechless at his unilateral decision. In a HIGHLY unusual and unprecedented move the Director of the FBI - for whatever reasons; we can only speculate at this time - reopens the case 11 DAYS before the election.

I think that sums up the facts on the ground.
My speculations and assertions:
The Director will NOT be able to unilaterally shut the case  again. Once opened, the only way this thing will close now is from a report from a Special Prosecutor appointed should Sec. Clinton be elected president. If she is NOT elected there is no need for a "Special Prosecutor". This will be handled by a U.S. Attorney.
Who has the power to shut it down without convening a Grand Jury? The Department of Justice? Congress can appoint a special Independent Prosecutor and Grand Jury with full powers of subpoena to investigate a government official without the DOJ's approval. The Attorney General of the United States can appoint a special Independent Prosecutor (think Kenneth Starr). The Justice Department through any US attorney's office can convene a Grand Jury without an Independent Prosecutor. If elected, I think Hillary Clinton can count on that Independent Prosecutor.
THAT is what I think are the likely procedural outcomes.
So let's go to the video tape: Out of nowhere comes a device with 10's of thousands of emails on it that have SOMETHING to do with Sec. Hillary Clinton. I *speculate* that Anthony Weiner, estranged spouse of Huma Abedin, turned that computer/device over to the FBI (through his attorneys; they have safe copies) as part of a larger deal cut to escape prosecution. *IF* that is correct Weiner cannot expect any form of consideration unless the stuff he turned over is incriminating/important. Weiner's attorneys have undoubtedly reviewed the documents and negotiated the deal, and you can be sure that he has a top Washington law firm handling this for him. Ergo, it then follows that the material is just that. Incriminating. Perhaps even explosive.
Think about it... The device with the emails just shows up at the FBI? Or they just happened to find it executing a search warrant months after the sexting scandal broke? That is not just unlikely, it defies credulity. I am convinced that Weiner kept that device as his "get out of jail free" card. No other scenario fits.
Of course, I am just noodling here... but if I worked for Russian/Chinese/Israeli Intelligence this would be my report up the chain of command.

Keep in mind the implications of Kurt Eichenwald of NewsWeek and HIS version of events if my version should be closer to the eventual truth. That would be that there IS no Fourth Estate, there IS no independent press. Without a free and independent press there is no First Amendment. THIS is Feminism.

"A special prosecutor generally is a lawyer from outside the government appointed by an attorney general or, in the United States, by Congress to investigate a government official for misconduct while in office.
Special prosecutor - Wikipedia"


  1. It is now being reported that the computer in question had been in the FBI's possession for some time and the FBI "Stumbled" across these emails.

  2. The last special prosecutor against a Clinton could not and would not protect female rape victims at his college, of which
    he was the President.

  3. Yes, I am sure that is a good reason for Congress not to employ an Independent Prosecutor. He might go on to not protect women from the non existent college rape crisis.